Do I need to create an account?

Yes, indeed you do.

It's important for us to know who's coming and have all of your contact information to serve you better.

You can create an account using your handphone on our mobile Mindbody App or you can access our Mindbody website from your computer.

However, If you prefer a little extra help creating your account, we will be delighted to do it with you on your first visit to our studio. 



What is MindBody?

Mindbody is our online reservation system where you can reserve a spot for one of our popular group fitness classes, book an appointment for Pilates or a Personal training session.

You may do all this from your computer, smart phone or tablet at your convenience, anytime, anywhere!

*Available for mobile devices at the Apple App Store and at Google Play for Android users.



How do I register for a MindBody account?

From your mobile app:

1) If you haven't previously registered for MINDBODY online, the first time you visit our studio you'll need to create an account.

2) Enter your email and click "next".

3) Enter your password and click "next".

4) Enter your first and last name name, then click "next".

5) Check your email box to verify your account

6) Click on the blue link "verify My Email" and you are all set.



How does it work when I go for first time?

When you arrive at the studio, please go to the reception desk located on L1 and check-in with the front desk.

The staff will help you sign-in for your class and give you a tour of the studio.

And please remember, your first week of group classes is on us, gratis !! 



Do you offer a monthly membership?

Yes,SoulSpin offers a pay-as-you-go CREDIT SYSTEM and UNLIMITED memberships.

You can purchase any one of our CREDIT PACKS with significant savings and many additional benefits. The larger the credit pack you purchase, the more additional benefits you will receive. 



How do I book a class?

You may reserve a spot in one of our popular classes through MINDBODY.

You can book a class through your mobile phone, tablet or computer.

If you have any questions on scheduling please call 

Note: Class bookings open 7 days in advance of the scheduled date.



Do you offer a waiting list?

Yes, if a class is full you can add yourself to the waiting list. 

The system will automatically add you into the class if a spot becomes free.

We will immediately send you an notification via email so you know that you have been included in the class. Also, one of our staff will contact you by WhatsApp to confirm your attendance.

Note: The waiting list will close 3 hours prior to the start of each class.



What if I need to cancel a class?

It's totally fine. Just remember to let us know within the permitted time limits listed below.

If you need to cancel let us know 8 hours in advance of your group class so we have sufficient time to offer your space to another customer.

However, if you cancel within 8 hours of the start of your group class, you will be charged the full service and we will deduct the corresponding credit from your Credit Pack Account.

*Unlimited packages will be charged at IDR 50.0000 per class if you fail to show up or cancel outside of the cancellation window.

Note: Personal Training sessions must be cancelled at least 24 hours in advance. Please remember, in these two cases we are waiting "just for you"!



What happens if I am running late?

For safety reasons, proper warm up time is essential.

We cordially ask you to avoid disruption of group classes that are already in session. 

We want everyone to respect our company policy, so please remember that absolutely no one will be permitted into a group class beyond 10 minutes after it begins.

Just try to arrive a little bit early. You can enjoy something wonderful to eat and drink at our SoulSpin Nitro Caffè & Lounge. Afterwards; just go upstairs to your studio, meet-and-great your group class instructor and ask them for any last minute help or advice if needed. Then warm up properly so your group fitness class experience will be much more enjoyable. 



Do you have water or do I have to bring my own?

Yes, of course you can bring your own water from home. 

Also remember, for your convenience you can purchase 500ml or 1L bottles of Total 8+ water at our SoulSpin Nitro Caffè and Lounge located on the GF and L1.

Note: We offer a complimentary 500ml bottle of Total 8+ water to our VIP level customers for each class. Please ask us how to become a VIP customer (Gold pack) and the additional benefits included with these packs, plus the per class savings.



Spin Pre-ride advice:

You don't want to ride on an empty tank. We recommend that you hydrate with plenty of water and eat a light snack before each class. This will give you the energy and stamina needed to enjoy your class to the maximum.



Can I book the Spin bike I like?

Yes, you can select the bike number you like.

After you book your spot, send us as a message via What'sApp with your full name and the bike number you would like to have and we will get back to you to confirm or ask you to select another bike number if it is already taken.


Note: Before your first SPIN ride; don't worry, we will show you the correct height for the handlebars and the seat. 



How do I set up a Personal training Session ? 

Please send us an email to with your day and time preferences and we will do our best to contact you within 24 hours.

Also through our MINDBODY app you may go to the schedule window:

1) Click on appointments.

2) Select your type of session.

3) Check availability and select your desired time.

4) Send a request and wait for approval.


Do you have any more questions about anything else SOUL-related?

We're here for you! 

Just email us at:

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